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Why that presentation you just did... didn’t work

In this training you will learn:

  • Understand how to NEVER have someone say, “I need to think about it” again.
  • Leave with 2 or 3 techniques you can use as quickly as your next meeting to close a tire kicker or plate licker.
  • Know exactly what people with money are looking for… based on a multitude of research and science.
  • How to change your current presentation into presentations where 100% of clients purchase.
  • How to significantly increase your referrals because your clients will finally understand why it benefits THEM to give referrals… instead of just benefiting your or the people they refer.

Mike Kaselnak

In 2000, Mike Kaselnak began coaching advisors. Over the past 17 years he has coached over 500 advisors to double, triple or even quintuple their income. Over a dozen of the advisors Mike coached went from mediocrity to starting their own financial marketing firm. Open any industry magazine each month and you are sure to find two, three, or even four of his former pupils being featured.

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